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Click on the yellow link below to downloaded forms for participation in athletics for 2013-2014.  These forms were downloaded from the  "Fulton County Athlete / Parent  Handbook for GHSA Sanctioned Interscholastic Athletic Activities".  There may be documents that are not required for your team.  Listing the form below is simply a service of NAA and does not constitute a requirement.  However, they are in the handbook, which gives the impression they are required.

There are two new documents that were not listed last year. One is a Concussion Awareness form, the other is an acknowledgement statement regarding the handbook.

Any questions regarding these forms should be addressed to your Fulton County Coach assigned to your team.

Again, this is a Fulton County requirement and not NAA related. 

Player Participation Forms

NOTE:  Only one form is missing in the link.  It is a one page supplemental page for students with Special Needs.  If you have a special needs athlete, click on the link for the complete 2013-2014  Handbook, it is page 42 or near page 42.