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First round:

The fencers at a tournament are seeded based on their current GHSFL ranking (for the first tournament of the season, the previous season's championship is used).  Seeding is random among fencers who are tied in the rankings or who are not yet seeded.

The results from the pools are used to seed the fencers for the next round. First the fencers are ranked by the fraction of their bouts that they won (this is used rather than the number of wins to account for pools of different sizes). Fencers with the same fraction of wins are further ranked by their “indicator” (touches scored minus touches received). Any ties that remain are broken using the number of touches scored. If any fencers are still tied, they are listed as tied. 

Second round:

This round is a standard single elimination bracket called Direct Elimination (DE's) with the fencers seeded based on their pool results.  It is unlikely that there will be exactly enough fencers to fill the first round (or “table”) in which case the higher seeds get a bye in their first bout​.

The top 16 fencers in each event are awarded points based on their final place in the second round.  Only fencers who advance to DE's can get points.  These points determine the fencers place in the league’s individual standings, and the number of points earned by the each school’s top eight fencers determines the school’s place in the team standings.