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Parents: NHS Titans Fencing Club is run by volunteers.  This is NOT a booster club team run by a coach; it is a club sport run by parents.  While a fencing coach will be at every practice for instruction, the club is organized by, run by and supported by parents.  Due to the nature of the sport, fencing requires many volunteers, so each family is required to volunteer 10 hours.  Families with more than one fencer on the team are asked to volunteer 16 hours.  Some volunteer positions require knowledge of fencing, while others do not.  In the past, some parents have volunteered their time and not shown up, while others have not volunteered at all.  In order for the fencing team to have a sufficient number of adult volunteers, we will be requiring each family to write a separate check for $100 to cover your volunteer hours.  This check will remain uncashed until the end of the fencing season; if you have fulfilled your hours by then, it will be returned to you.  For those families who have not fulfilled their volunteer commitment, their checks will be cashed and used to hire qualified fencing personnel to take their place in their volunteer commitments. 

Supervisor for Fencing Practice Job Description (2 hours)
                100, 200 and 300 Hall, Northview HS (most of the time)
1.       Your top responsibility is to ensure the safety of persons in the fencing halls.
2.      You will be stationed either at the end of a hall, in the intersection of two halls, or at the end of a fencing strip.
3.      Teachers and parents who need to walk down the hall are always allowed to pass.  If the fencers are engaged in a bout or a drill with their weapons, you must yell “FENCERS, HALT!” in a loud, clear voice.  Make sure the fencers hear you and obey immediately – if not, repeat the command.
4.       Students who are not on the fencing team should always be stopped before allowing them to proceed down the hall.  Your job is to ask them where they need to go.  If they are going to the building exit, instruct them to walk around in another direction, even if it is outdoors, in order to avoid disturbing the fencers on the strip.  If they are going to their locker or a classroom, ask them exactly where the locker or classroom is.  If it is possible for them to route another way, send them on the alternate route. 
5.      If the student must proceed down the hall in order to get to their locker or classroom, yell “FENCERS, HALT!” in a loud, clear voice.  Make sure the fencers hear you and obey immediately – if not, repeat the command.
6.      Please be on the lookout for students and teachers exiting classrooms.  Yell, “FENCERS, HALT!” if someone exits a classroom onto a fencing strip.
7.      If you observe the fencers doing anything that looks unsafe, please instruct them to stop the unsafe behavior.
8.      Please do not read or text while supervising the fencers with their weapons.  Students and teachers can appear quickly and put themselves in danger in a matter of seconds.
Tournament Directors and Timekeepers (4 hours)

During tournaments, the league relies on parent volunteers to serve as bout directors (referees).  They award points, halt fencing, call penalties, etc.  This requires league training & certification, which the club will arrange & pay for.  Timekeepers require no certification and only a minimum of training.  We typically have a new parent shadow an experienced timekeeper during a tournament.  The club provides stopwatches although some parents use their smartphones.  We break tournaments into morning pools & afternoon DE’s (direct elimination) for parent directors & timekeepers.