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Mission Statement
To provide the opportunity for any interested male or female student to learn, practice and compete in the art of fencing epee.
NHS Fencing is an Athletic Club.
Our program is designed to help students learn the skills of fencing in order to:
  1. Compete both individually and as a team against other high school fencing teams.
  2. Participate in local tournaments
  3. Participate in the United States Fencing Association (USFA)
Fencing Letters are awarded to those individuals that NHS Fencing determines demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to the sport of Fencing. Attendance and active participation in practice sessions and tournaments are important factors used in determining letter qualification.

Attend practice sessions each week. Practice includes:

  • Physical fitness
  • Footwork training
  • Fencing drill training
Fencing Instruction
  • Blade work
  • Fencing strategy
Participate in training practices.
No fencing skills are needed Initially. Skills will be taught by a Fencing Instructor. Equipment will eventually need to be purchased by the student after preliminary instruction and commitment to the sport.

Fees and Dues
Club fees and dues are collected - These funds continue and advance club activity by covering club expenses which include instruction costs, and maintenance of team equipment and supplies.

September through March.