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Fulton County Mandatory Child Abuse Training
All volunteers must complete the video and print the final certificate (return the certificate and registration form to the front office). Volunteers are not allowed to work with children or around children until this requirement along with a registry check is completed.

Action Required for all Volunteers:
House Bill 1176 was recently signed into law and affects our protocol for reporting child abuse and neglect. As a result, all volunteers for our school who work with children must complete a Volunteer Safety Information Form and complete training on Child Abuse and Neglect. The training is a ten minute online presentation outlining your responsibility for reporting child abuse or neglect and the protocol for such reporting.

At the completion of the online training, you will be given an opportunity to print a Certificate of Completion. Your completed Volunteer Safety Information Form, and training certificate, should be submitted to the Administration Office as soon as possible.

This new policy includes all volunteers: sports, performing arts, and PTSA volunteers. If you have questions about the training or the submission of this form, please contact Carol Bybee.

Volunteer Safety Information Form
Child Abuse and Neglect